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Hanoi is a time-honored city in Vietnam and is the capital of the same. With simplicity in living, a rich culture to celebrate and varied floral habitats, your holidays are blueprinted in a positive bizarre manner. Hanoi accommodation is great to suit traveler of all kinds. Relish your trip by glimpsing at the motionless lakes and also do not forget to notice your replica that gets reflected on the mirror-still lake waters.

Add merry to your vacation! Accommodate in one of the nicest Hanoi hotels and know-how the tradition greets you. Get into the museums and temples. The Fine Arts Museum is a factual pre-historic valued monument with gorgeous paintings and sculptures. This place brings the flipside of the old customary activities of Hanoi. The Vietnam Women's Museum is a collection of Vietnamese women's true stories. The walls around portray how they lived their life and states about their contributions to the society. Make out your stay livelier by glimpsing at the Cuc Phuong National Park.

Shopping is of course fun here. Take a walk along the Hang Gai Street and involve in purchasing cloths made of silk, linen, etc. There are many shops selling silk and fancy accessories. You can match accessories that go well with your silk outfits. After a busy shopping just unwind everything and rejuvenate in one of the hotels in Hanoi and gear up for the next play. Hanoi is famous for its habitual form of art namely the water puppet shows. Go along with your folks to watch an hour show. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is where you can enjoy a traditional water puppet show.

Hanoi trip never gets satisfied without dining in a cuisine or tasting the street food. Hanoi can serve you delicious platters of various flavors. Your tongue will definitely have a better time.

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